Fortsetzung jetzt! Teil 4: kuratiert von Dr. Claudia Beelitz mit den zeitgenössischen Positionen von:

Paula Anke, Monika Brachmann, Alke Brinkmann, Bettina Cohnen, Hannah Dougherty, Ricoh Gerbl, Sabine Herrmann, Margareta Hesse, Michelle Jezierski, Gaby Krawinkel, Isa Melsheimer, Ann Noël, Emerita Pansowová, Sibylle von Preussen, Heike Ruschmeyer, Susanne Schirdewahn, Caro Suerkemper, Gastkünstlerin: Lucy Teasdale

Galerie Alte Kaserne Zitadelle Spandau,


Silent Empire

The exhibition is part of Berlin Art Week 2017. Opening: Friday, September 8th from 5 to 11 pm Further opening hours:
Saturday, September 9th, 5 to 8 pm
Sunday, September 10th, 2 to 6 pm
Thursday, September 14th to Saturday, September 16th, from 3 pm to 7 pm daily.

Group show in the Sound Chamber at Funkhaus Berlin

The Funkhaus Berlin is one of the magnificent, architectural landmarks of East Berlin and world-renowned for its unique acoustics. For the first time, the so-called sound chamber is now being evoked as an exhibition site: A gloomy concrete vault, which is generally not accessible to the public being a purely functional building, is now inviting to walk through it like through another universe with selected artistic positions.

As a functional necessity designed to create the acoustics of the large recording halls, the sound chamber is a kind of negative space, an enveloping arena of the actual buil- dings. The selected artistic works will come into various interactions with the brute architecture, the dark atmosphere and the function of the space, creating a different, rather dynamic perception framework, completely contrary to the experience in a white cube.

Over 20 works by internationally established and emerging artists are shown, ranging from installation, sculpture, video, performance, painting to sound installations.

List of artists:
Diana Artus, John Bock, Janine Eggert & Philipp Ricklefs, Sophie Erlund, Jeanno Gaussi, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Okka Esther Hungerbühler, Sibylle Jazra, Marte Kiessling, Vera Kox, Justin Lieberman, Antonia Low, Lotte Meret, Regina de Miguel, Lucy Teasdale, Anselm Reyle, Christopher Sage, Madeline Stillwell, Zefrey Throwell, Anke Völk, Marcelina Wellmer, Lauryn Youden, Thomas Zipp, Benjamin Zuber.

Curated by Janine Eggert and Sibylle Jazra.